The Oil Price - a novel about the oil industry

Danny Lexion easily meets his two life goals: he looks good and makes lots of money. One night, out on the town, he falls for the stunning environmental activist, Bren Hannan. Bren's mission is to save a tiny island from a ruthless oil company called Peking Petroleum. To do this, she she needs to get to a UN Conference in Dubai. Danny offers to fly her there, thinking that it might lead to some romance in an exotic city. In Dubai, Danny learns that Bren's story doesn't check out. He finds himself in the cross-hairs of the mercenary security firm - Storm Front - who are protecting Peking Petroleum's interests. As the bullets fly through the streets of Dubai, Danny learns that saving the planet is a deadly business, and that the real price of oil is blood.

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This is my first novel and I started writing it following a trip to a UN Conference in Dubai. I fell in love with Dubai which, at the time, had the distinction of having the highest ecological footprint on the planet.

The Oil Price draws on my experience in the petroleum industry, particularly watching Indonesian islands being chewed up for exploration and production facilities. It also considers the use of corporate communicaitons and private secutiry contracters.

At the heart of the story is Bren Hannan, a well-meaning and mildly talented environmentalist who tries to stop the ruthless oil company Peking Petroleum from destroying a tiny island in Fiji called Lala.

On her side is Uncle Richard, who is a successful businessman who has undertaken the 'greening' of his whole corporate empire. The signature project is a sustainable plan for Lala island.