The Great Unplugged Break from a Hug-In

We are all commodities in the great global marketplace.
We are all commodities in the great global marketplace.

I will likely be writing about this subject until the day I die, and hopefully, I won’t die because of it; but you can’t have a conversation about sustainability without mentioning the influence of the global power elite.

I’m not talking about the 1%, I’m talking about the 0.000001% – the one in a million that David Rothkopf calls the Superclass, or Susan George calls the Davos Club.


These are the individual humans beings who decide whether the world undertakes an orderly transition to a low-carbon economy, or if it keeps doing business-as-usual until it hits six degrees Celsius above baseline and we all fall down.

A conversation about the Great Unplugged (as I call these people) is particularly topical today (12 June 2016) because the  infamous Bilderberg Meeting is ending its annual hug-in, in a swanky hotel in Dresden, Germany.



Just what the hand-picked 130 hyper-influential people talked about, we will never know, because Bilderberg is famed for its secrecy.

That said, Bilderberg does list agenda items in their annual pre-event press release, shown below.

In reading this list, don’t forget that everyone who invested in Bernie Madoff’s $38,000,000,000 Ponzi scheme received monthly statements that detailed the  stocks that they [supposedly] owned.

This year’s Bilderberg agenda items [supposedly] includes the following:

  1.            Current events
  2.            China
  3.            Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
  4.            Middle East
  5.            Russia
  6.            US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
  7.            Cyber security
  8.            Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
  9.            Precariat and middle class
  10.            Technological innovation

What is most noticeable about the this list, is what it excludes.

One might hope that a meeting of the world’s most influential people would discuss pressing biological issues like the fact half of the world’s wildlife has been killed off in the last half century; that the Arctic is melting faster than a Saharan snowcone, or that the entire marine food chain is contaminated with petroleum-based plastics.

But, apparently, ecological sustainability, transition to low carbon economy and protection of the planetary boundaries are simply not up for discussion in this oligarchical event, funded by bankers, billionaires and oilmen.

You have wonder what planet these capitalist-aficionados occupy, as they control every living organism on Earth, like pieces on a chessboard; it is clearly not the one that the other 99.9999% of us humans occupy.



The secretive, elitist Bilderberg meeting cuts to the heart of the global sustainability crisis because, to paraphrase Chris Hedges and David Rothkopf when the power elite are so unplugged from reality, when they consistently make bad decisions, then we all have a problem; and by all, I mean all the species on Earth.

I didn’t get invited to Bilderberg – you probably didn’t either – but that doesn’t mean that I can’t express an opinion about the Great Unplugged, the global power elite who run the world so badly.

I have written some of these ideas in my fiction novel Heart of Bone, a story about the billionaire poison-merchant, Gilly Clay.

So, if you want you want some ideas about sustainability, or you just want to be entertained by words, you might consider reading the work of Guy Lane Fiction Writer.

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