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The biosphere is nearly dead, it’s time for an intervention.

In my twenty years of watching the biosphere die, I have yet to be convinced that there is anyone, or any agency, that has the capacity to substantially adjust the trajectory of human civilisation. In the absence of this home-grown influence, we are going to need outside help. This is…


It’s time for the humans to start doing their job

 – listen to the podcast of this story –  It’s time for the humans to start doing their job We humans are but one species among millions  on Earth, yet we have no useful ecological function – yet Even the humble worm has a purpose. It eats fallen vegetable matter and liberates the…


$5.3 trillion a year. Climate change subsidies are huge.

It is profound just how little effort the political leaders of the world are putting into addressing climate change. Normally, I attribute this lack of effort to the vast, dark power of the hole-digging trinity: the coal, oil and gas industries. Recent news reinforces this view. Over the past few days,…

Rex Tillerson, chief executive officer of Exxon Mobile Corp., speaks at the 2012 CERAWEEK conference in Houston, Texas, U.S., on Friday, March 9, 2012.  Exxon Mobil Corp. is moving toward the conclusion of an agreement to drill in the Russian Arctic, Tillerson said. Photographer: F. Carter Smith/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There’s very strange things going on, on Planet Earth right now.

Armchair climate watchers and professionals alike, have an excellent tool called Climate Null School. It shows real time and historical climate/weather variables such as winds, temperatures, waves etc. A few days ago, climate blogger Robert Scribbler noticed a chilling phenomena that reinforces concerns that our global climate system is falling apart…


We absolutely have to stop killing threatened species in captivity

We are in a new era with respect to biological diversity, and we need to change our behavior accordingly. Of the nine planetary boundaries, the one that is most significantly ‘shot to pieces’ is biosphere integrity –  genetic diversity. This is because we humans behave like unsustainable super-predators who are…


Nature Strikes Back: lightning strikes on the rise – as predicted. 

With a climate system as big and complex as ours, climate change was always going to throw up weird little tricks like this one: increased lightning strikes. In 2009 NASA reported that climate change was going to increase the number of lightning strikes, and their figures were supported in a 2014…


Oy! No Talking About Climate Change at Work.

Australia’s leaders are so inept at responding to climate change, they don’t even talk about it. You have to wonder what the ruling class has been smoking when you see how they are responding to the gravest threat to humans civilisation outside of nuclear war. Case in point is a…


The Curve is Keeling Over

Students of environmental science and aficionados of climate change will be familiar with the famous Keeling Curve that shows the concentration of atmospheric CO2 in the atmosphere, increasing year on year. It was named after Charles Keeling, who first deployed machines to sample the atmosphere for this global warming gas. The…

We are all commodities in the great global marketplace.

The Great Unplugged Break from a Hug-In

I will likely be writing about this subject until the day I die, and hopefully, I won’t die because of it; but you can’t have a conversation about sustainability without mentioning the influence of the global power elite. I’m not talking about the 1%, I’m talking about the 0.000001% –…


Storms Up, Glaciers Going Down

Recent storms pummeled the East Coast of Australia, wrecking havoc and creating stunning images. Pictured above is an amazing photo by Adriano Leite, showing Sydney copping a hiding. Below is the not so impressive outcome for the poor people who live in these (formerly) beachside properties, also in the Sydney area….