Super-Supermoon : auspice of our extinction or awakening


Can you feel it?

The Quickening: the pace is getting faster.

The curve is exponential, so it speeds up as it goes along.

It’s time to change…


Three seemingly unrelated elements aligned over the period of this week.

  1. Climate scientists release a paper that details the most grim fears of climate change – runaway greenhouse effect leading to seven degrees heating this century.
  2. The world is stunned to hear that a pu**ygrabber has won the Whitehouse with plans to bomb the shit out of both ISIS and the Paris Agreement – our last, best option to avoid climate catastrophe.
  3. The Moon moves closer to Earth than at anytime in your life as the November 2016 Supermoon visits on Monday night. The Moon has not been so close since 1948 and will not be as close until 2034 – they are calling it a super-Supermoon.

Sometimes it takes a celestial event to draw attention to the crazy shit that we humans do on and to the Earth. Everyday, we move closer to the fire that we have lit. Will it warm us, or burn us to a crisp? That is yet to be determined.

It is not inevitable that climate change will send the human race extinct this century, but there are some ominous signs. Climate denial and climate blindness are two major obstacles in between us and the Long Future.

Climate denial among powerful people is fed by a dogged resistance to change, and the slick influence of the incumbent economic elite. This feeds the climate blindness of the ‘moderns’ the mainstream people for whom getting ahead is the most important thing in life, and to whom the mass media speaks.

But the power elite and the moderns aren’t the only people who live in society. There is another group: the ones who are create the new culture. Their numbers are swelling as the moderns abandon ship, realizing that the system is corrupt, broken and leading to disaster.

Despite the grim science and the awful politics, there is a progressive movement. But it is disjointed, disorganized and ineffective at stemming the ecological crisis. Fortunately, with a one little trick, this problem can be fixed.

Consider this phenomena:

  • Most people who support solar still eat predominantly meat-based diets
  • People fly to yoga retreats in kerosene powered planes
  • Vegetarians drive to the shops in their petrol powered SUVs
  • The people who vouch for LGBT rights, generally don’t attend climate rallies

The point that I am trying to make is that if everyone who is progressive about something, becomes progressive about everything, then the system will shift – overnight.

The diagram below shows some of the key ideas that are rapidly changing our culture. The more of them we support, the more of the time, the better is the chance that we will still be here a super-Supermoon comes around.




Read sustainability in fiction by Guy Lane, the author of this blog.






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  1. Sadly, not fast enough. I learned all the concepts in your mandala when I was 8 years old. That’s half a century ago.

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