Please don’t kill us nature… We can change our ways.


Public presentations on sustainability in 2016 ought rightly be conducted on our knees as we beg nature not to kill us off, as an organism might shake off a troublesome parasite.

A public presentation about sustainability in 1975 (when the environmental movement was forming), or even a presentation in 1985 (when Exxon executives were learning from their scientists about the impacts of climate change), would rightly have been conducted standing up.

However, since these times, our business and economic leaders have failed to take sustainability seriously, and now we are staring down the barrel of our own self-made extinction. For this reason, we ought to be begging nature to give us some more time to get our affairs in order, by which I mean to implement a rapid transition to global sustainable economy.

Recently, I put this sentiment in practice (see picture above) when I presented Long Future and Eearth Belief to 150 delegates at the excellent Emerging Leaders Dialogues Asia 2016 event in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia.

The idea that I shared with my audience is that the root of the sustainability crisis is that we humans act on our beliefs, and we believe some very destructive things, such as:

  • Consumerism is a natural human trait;
  • Capitalism is the best economic model;
  • Natural capital should be an free input to business;
  • There should be no cost to polluting the atmosphere with CO2
  • The role of business is to maximize short term profit for shareholders;
  • Corporations should be legal persons, but animals (e.g. whales) should not;
  • Humans deserve rights, but the atmosphere and the ocean don’t.


It is not hard to see that if we hold these beliefs, and act upon them, we are likely to wreck havoc on Earth’s natural living systems. Unfortunately, these beliefs are widespread. We need new beliefs if we are to survive on this planet.

To this end, I have began work on a new belief system that is simply better than the one we currently have. I call this Eearth Belief.

Eearth Belief

As a belief system, Eearth is unique for being up to contemporary and sustainable.

– Contemporary because it keeps up to date with the most recent scientific understanding of the Earth systems, and the latest ideas about the actions needed to create a rapid transition to a sustainable global economy.

– Sustainable because it demands a functioning biosphere, without which there can be no humans on Earth, and thus no one to hold beliefs! Eearth is summed up in one simple sentence:

The biosphere is sacred, and the role of humans on Earth is to ensure the protection of her natural biological systems, and to foster global happiness for the Long Future.

Seen through the lens of Eearth Belief, humans are not parasites on this planet. We are just an organism that is not fulfilling its function, we are simply not doing our job. That’s much more enlightening!

By promoting a functioning biosphere, the widespread uptake of Eearthean practices will create the opportunity for human civilization to continue into the Long Future that will last for one to two billion years.

Now, if just one or two people hold these beliefs, nothing will change and it is likely that humans will be swept off this planet within the century. However, if there is a mass uptake of these beliefs – spurred-on by Mass Ecophiny – there is a chance that we can turn this ship around to sail her into calm waters.

The video gives an overview of Eearth Belief.

So, I invite you, the reader, to consider what it is you believe and how these beliefs are shaping your actions. And I humbly suggest, that if we want avoid having to get our knees dirty or perish from runaway greenhouse and ecological collapse, we might start believing something that mother nature would approve of. And soon!

Learn more about Eearth Belief, and support the cause, by visiting the Eearth website:


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