Earth’s Trump – she’s starting to play it


Earth’s Trump – she’s starting to play it

We should not think of Planet Earth as a passive recipient of the abuse dished out by us pesky humans. Instead, she has a defence mechanism that I referred to as Earth’s Trump. No relation to ‘The Trump’ but a reference to a trump, an unexpected move that thwarts an adversary when all seems lost.

And all does seem lost, right now. As these excellent presentations by David Hood and Ian Dunlop show. The scale of harm that we humans have perpetrated on the earth – just from climate change alone – is potentially irreversible, given the time and energy needed to transform the global economy.

Amongst those with a thorough understanding of climate change, this is an increasing prevalent view : we humans have overstepped the mark and are now just waiting for the official confirmation that we are doomed to the Great Disruption, the Short Future, or maybe even Near Term Extinction.

We humans are like Wile E Coyote, who has run off a cliff chasing the Road Runner, caught in suspended gravity, with just a second before the plummeting starts.

As an environmental scientist, I see much evidence that this is the case 🙁

However, I see other things as well. Exciting things that I am still trying to put into words. I think that nature has a trump card, and that she has started to play it.

I first expressed this idea in my novel, The Moogh. The images shown here are from the cover. However, I have subsequently come to see that the Nature’s Trump is actually us.


I believe that we humans were formed by the super-organism Gaia, with the specific intention that we would act as her guardian to help her to not only survive but to exceed the Long Future. To this extent, we have failed miserably in our duties, despite gallant efforts from some. Just like workers who fail to do their job, many of us will likely be terminated, as a result.

However, that grim prognosis need not eventuate. I believe that buried deep within our DNA are sequences that will cause many of us to shift our belief systems away from consumerism, capitalism and mainstream religion, and towards those beliefs that are conducive to the actions necessary to head off the Short Future. This is happening already, and is likely to increase as the sustainability crisis deepens.

This spiritual emotional / awakening will result in people having an ecological epiphany, an ecophiny. When things start getting really rough, it will happen en masse.The website linked here provides some developmental tools to foster Mass Ecophiny.


But once someone has had their ecophiny, what then? What ought they believe?

Recently, I started to put together some ideas about what a sustainability-based belief system might look like. This work is attracting considerable attention and I have been invited to launched the initiative at an international event in Malaysia in October. To that end, I am calling for public comment on the idea.

I call this belief system Eearth.

Eearth it is founded on the belief that: The biosphere is sacred, and the role of humans on Earth is to ensure the protection of her natural biological systems, and to foster global happiness for the Long Future.

Eearth is a non-theistic belief, which is to say that it does not purport the existence of God or Gods, and thus should be able to co-exist with any other faith.

Formally adopting this belief is as simple as vocalizing the Eearth Pledge: I pledge to focus my life – irrespective of my profession or faith – on the restoration and thrival of Earth’s natural systems, in order that the biosphere and human civilization may enjoy the Long Future together.

My friends, the Short Future awaits us if we fail to shift the things we believe. I invite you to become part of earth’s trumping move, either through Eearth or by other means.



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