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The picture that comes to mind of the transition to a sustainable economy is that of a baby turtle struggling to get out of it’s egg; desperate to escape before the predators get to it.


The predator in this case is collapse – collapse of the global financial system due to massive debt in fiat currencies, collapse of the climate system due to runaway greenhouse effect, collapse of the global ecosystem that provides us with free ecosystem services, and so on.

These two 21st Century phenomena – Collapse & Transition – ought to be seen as part of a whole – a whole that I have named Collansition. You, see ‘Collapse’ and ‘Transition’ are not mutually exclusive, you have to have one in order to get another.

You won’t get transition without some sort of collapse to drive it; necessity is the mother of invention, after-all. Similarly, you won’t get collapse without legions of people trying to find a way out. The two concepts are intertwined. In entrepreneurial circles, there is an expression ‘creative destruction’ which speaks to the same concept. There is also the concept of the yin and yang which speaks of the struggle of opposites.

The big issue for us humans, and all of Earth’s organisms more advanced than bacteria, is whether we will get to transition before the collapse makes it impossible. Collapse, after-all features global temperatures 6 degrees Celsius above baseline, leading to the extinction of humans, and the subsequent irradiation of the entire planet from melted-down nuclear power stations.

The mainstream science on climate change says that it may be possible to transition before collapse, but only if we follow the script: low carbon pathways, 2 degree target, carbon budgets etc. But who is actually following the script? Trump? Putin? The fossil fuel industry? Your government?

Unfortunately, the science tells us that you don’t have to deviate too far from the script to lose the lofty transition optimism. In fact, all you have to do to lose lofty optimism is to follow the world news.

So, Collansition has become the main game; except that most people don’t know it. As a result of this widespread ignorance, most people are still batting for the losing ‘business as usual’ team, rather than coming over to the winning side; and this is not good for people or the planet.

In order to help move the equation in favor of transition we need to perturb the system, somehow. And this is where Eearth comes in.

Eearth is a new professional counter-culture devoted to environmental sustainability and human well-being, for all. It is an integrated system of knowledge, belief and practice based on environmental science, entrepreneurialism, Buddhist philosophy and plain-old common sense. In three words, Eearth is: about bloody time.

Eearth is an integral complement to Western Culture, and has much for everyone. If you are into business, think of Eearth as a gateway to the multi-trillion dollar commerce associated with transition to the sustainable economy. If you want to understand environmental frameworks, Eearth teaches the language of the 9-Earth-Systems. If health is your thing, Eearth shows you that we may be on the verge of finally getting diesel fuel exhaust out of our city air. If you are a spiritual person, think of Eearth as a pathway to a deeper connection to the living systems of Eearth by finding your Ecological Self. If you think that mainstream religion is ill-informed about the answers to Life’s Big Questions, Eearth answers them, sensibly advised by science and commonsense. Eearth Culture is the long overdue upgrade to Western Culture’s operating system, to help it become sustainable.

So, if you want to breathe the rich atmosphere of opportunity for commerce, health, lifestyle and spirituality and become a part of shifting collansition away from collapse and towards transition, get some Eearth today.

Everything you need is on the website, but if you want the full experience, you ought to book a seat in the Eearth Extravaganza.


Eearth – Extravaganza – Brisbane – 20 May 2017 – Limited Space – Book Now!

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